Group of Children.

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Religious Poems for Children

          1. A Good Son

            King David had a good son
            Solomon was his name.
            As king he built a great temple,
            One of his claims to fame.

          2. Favorite Son

            Jacob was a rich man
            Who had a favorite son.
            His brothers each
            Played the knave
            And sold him as a slave.

          3. Creation

            God created the heavens and earth
            Said He,  Let there be light.
            He then created man and woman--
            Red, yellow, black and white.

          4. Baby Jesus

            Baby Jesus had no bed
            He slept at peace in a
            Trough instead.
            Now for over two thousand
            He s helped so many
            Overcome their fears.

          5. Twelve Apostles

            Jesus  time on earth
            Was destined to be short.
            So when he chose
            His twelve apostles,
            The event was far from a sport.

          6. Devil Go

            Jesus was tempted
            In the desert
            West of Jericho.
            For forty days he
            Prayed and fasted,
            Told the devil, "Go!"

          7. The Baby

            The baby lay in the manger,
            A little donkey licked his face.
            When He smiled, acknowledged
            The beast,
            A sense of peace covered the east.

          8. Samson's Strength

            Samson's strength was
            truly great
            It was hard to accept
            his sudden fate
            He fought the Philistines
            with an ass's bone
            Then died amongst them--
            crushed by stone.

          9. Ruth

            Ruth's young husband died
            leaving her a widow.
            Later she worked in Bethlehem
            and became Boaz's bride.

          10. God Told Abram

            God told Abram to leave his home,
            With his livestock and family
            he began to roam.
            God deftly led them to a new land
            As if He'd appeared and taken
            Their hand.

          11. Feet And All

            Jonah did not obey God;
            Instead, he hid on a ship.
            God then sent an awful squall--
            A fish swallowed Jonah,
            feet and all.

          12. Young David

            David was an Israelite
            who played the harp
            day and night
            He later helped fight
            the enemy,
            killing a giant VIP.

          13. God Will Answer

            God will answer
            All your prayers
            Be you Mr., Miss or Ms.
            Take care to say,
            'Thy will be done',
            The timing, though,
            Is His.

          14. Win Your Day

            On your knees
            When you pray
            Ask the Lord to lay
            Before you blessings and solutions
            That will win your day.

          15. Those Bony Knees

            Faith can move verdant mountains
            As well as calm troubled seas.
            If you want a faith that lasts,
            Learn to bend those bony knees.

          16. No Delay

            Jesus is your best friend,
            Whatever s broken He will mend
            There s no delay, He s always in
            Just try a chat with Him today.

          17. Eve Bit

            Eve bit the forbidden fruit,
            Took a piece to Adam.
            Adam should have put on brakes,
            Instead, he pleased the Madame.

          18. The Serpent

            The serpent revealed himself to Eve,
            She should have turned and run.
            But evil s sometimes wrapped so fine,
            We take it like a winter sun.

          19. Michael s Hide

            Michael rowed the boat ashore
            Then sat down to think some more.
            The river was deep and so very wide
            How to cross yet save his hide?

          20. Good Mary

            The angel, Gabriel, appeared to Mary
            To tell her of the Baby.
            Good Mary said,  His will be done,
            No if, no and, no maybe.

          21. The Lame Prince

            The lame prince
            Was the son of Jonathan;
            Jonathan, the son of King Saul.
            David, as king, took the lame
            Prince in,
            Giving him lands and all.

          22. Wee Moses

            As wee Moses floated
            On the River Nile
            The future prophet noted
            This was his first trial.

          23. The Beautiful Queen

            Esther, the beautiful Jewish queen,
            Save the life of her beloved king
            She also saved many souls of her race
            Evil, in her heart, never won a place.

          24. Job(1)

            Job was a very wealthy man
            Whom the Lord gave a test
            After losing all that he had,
            Job still proved one of God s best.

          25. Jacob s Dream

            Bethel means the  house of God
            It s where Jacob had a dream
            In that dream stretched a ladder
            Jacob heard the angel s patter.

          26. Job(2)

            Job built altars of stone and earth
            To offer his Lord gifts of worth
            Envy possessed the  father of lies
            Who, desperate, proclaimed,
            Job s family dies!

          27. Jacob and Esau

            Jacob and Esau were brothers
            Isaac was their dad.
            The sons competed bitterly
            Hence, their end was sad.

          28. Our Friend

            Jesus wants to be our Friend
            Though many do not let Him in
            They try to steer through life alone--
            What hound would chuck
            A meaty bone?

          29. Zaccheus

            Zaccheus was a little man
            Whose family was a little clan
            He climbed up in a
            Sycamore tree
            His family said,
             Blest be!

          30. Simon Peter

            Simon was called Peter
            And Andrew was his brother
            Both early followed Jesus
            And maybe met His mother.

          31. On the Run

            Matthew tells of the flight into Egypt
            Where Joseph and Mary took the Child
            The 3 were on the run from Herod  the Great
            An escape we today appreciate!

          32. Jesus Is Bread!

            In Capernaum Jesus said:
             I am the bread of life.
            He traveled with His 12 disciples
            Since He never had a wife!

          33. Miracles

            Jesus used to visit Jerusalem
            But camped near Galilee
            He performed His miracles
            Of which one
            Was Lazarus in Bethany.

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