Restoration Vision

          Oh my God, place within me,

          Your joy, Your righteousness, Your song.

          Give me the sight to see,

          Beyond my childish dreams.

          Create a heart within me,

          Free from bitterness and spite.

          Place in me a joy, Your LOVE,

          For treating others kind and right.

          Let me not look longingly, inwardly,

          At what I fail to find in me.

          Turn my vision selflessly,

          To what others' needs may be.

          Give me the strength and patience,

          To humbly, mercifully carry through,

          With the big and little things,

          That, in right heart, does glory to YOU.

~ Sherry Lynn Gardner ~

[ By: Sherry Lynn Gardner Copyright © 1986 -- Submitted by Sherry Gardner (sherrygardner ]


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