The gentle rain of springtime
thaws winter's frozen ground
The refreshing rain arouses life
To come forth without a sound.

The tulip and the daffodil,
splendor veiled beneath the sod,
await the promise of awakening
to behold the face of God.

A hidden clock within the bulb
awaits the perfect cue
to shout with fragrant blossoms
"I am alive and new!"

Oh, but someone placed an ugly stone
above the place to rise!
Then I saw that it had been removed
by the gardener kind and wise.

In my heart I feel the tug
like spring flowers to bloom again
I long to be fresh and pure
and cleansed from every sin

I reach up toward my Creator
this Resurrection Day
Forgiven, I will bloom again
for the stone is rolled away!

[ Pamela R. Blaine, Copyright © 2001 ( -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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