Alarm Clock and Man.

Rise and Shine!

Rise and shine my little sleepy head,
Get up, get out of that old trusted bed.
Thereís things to do and places to go,
You canít just lie there, with feelings so low.

So now get up Mister, get out of that old trusted bed.
I had to duck for his alarm clock was flyin at my head.
Thatís it, you can stay there and itís entirely up to you.
But Iím not wasting one more second, Iím done, Iím through.

How do you bring life back into someone when itís seems all gone?
Trying to urge them and arouse them seems to be totally wrong.
Iíve tried everything from understanding to a cup of ice water.
All I get for my plight is abuse and pure unadulterated slaughter.

So thatís it, they can sleep there, and live in their own bad dreams.
They can miss all the beauty in life, all things in Godís schemes.
I have been there too and I know thereís only one way out.
Thatís to open up your heart and give God a piercing SHOUT!

~ Bonnie May ~
All Rights Reserved

Bonnie was born in Shamokin, Pennsylvania in 1945. Poetry has been her passion for 50 years and she has had many of her poems published. She wrote a children's story as a senior in high school, that was later published as: "The Tale of a Rabbit's Tail." Since then she has published: "Grandpa, When Animals Die, Do They Go to Heaven," children's book and two poetry books, "My Heart Wants to Tell You" and "MY HEART WANTS TO TALK! TALK! TALK!." These books can be purchased through

[ By: Bonnie May Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- {used with permission} ]

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