Road To Heaven

Heavenís road resembles a country road.

Itís not smooth and itís rough to drive.

Itís straight and narrow but full of holes.

Often you wonder if youíll even survive.

Because youíre one of Godís children,

Itís a toll-road and youíll have to pay.

Not with cash but persistent endurance,

Overcoming obstacles along the way.

You wonít have a lot of traffic,

For there are few who travel this road.

Worldly people travel the interstates,

And they carry a jam-packed load.

They watch for all the billboards,

Advertising pleasures that abound.

They choose to take every exit,

Where those pleasures can be found.

They always travel in the fast lane,

Looking forward to sins that await.

Concerned with only themselves and today,

Theyíve no thought of their eternal fate.

For what lies ahead in their future,

Wonít be exciting and certainly no fun.

Theyíll stand at the White Throne Judgment,

Begging for mercy, but there will be none.

Theyíll be judged and deemed to be guilty,

For they chose the wrong road to take.

No pleasures will be in their future,

Only damnation in a hot, fiery lake.

Even the redeemed donít find the road easy,

For we are tempted to take many turns.

But our eyes stay focused on what lies ahead,

Eternity in Heaven is our only concern.

At times we are beset by terrible storms,

And itís difficult to see the way.

But after the storms, God sends a rainbow,

And at its end lies Heavenís bouquet.

Each pothole we hit is a problem,

But we are lifted out of them all.

Our Savior is there extending His hand.

We are His and He wonít let us fall.

We allow Jesus to do the driving.

He needs no map for He knows the road.

We trust Him every mile we go,

On the way to our final abode.

Weíll not stand before the White Throne,

But will be judged at the Bema Seat.

We are sinners, who were forgiven by grace,

And Jesus provides our receipt.

He paid our sin debt for us,

And we are covered by His veil.

We traveled the road to Heaven,

Rather than choosing the road to hell.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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