Rudolph & Melvin.

Rudolph's Best Pal

You've heard about Frosty the Snowman,
and, "Sam, I am" by Dr. Seuss;
You all know 'bout Rudolph the Reindeer,
but what about Melvin the Moose?

It's said he got lost in a snowstorm,
and frightened, he started to bawl;
He cried out so loud
that it made the earth shake,
and tree branches started to fall!

He roared till the heavens were echoing,
he bellowed till his throat was sore;
Poor Melvin the Moose
leaned against a tall Spruce,
and then began yelling some more!

Now, Santa was eating his supper,
and marking down good girls and boys;
He'd just started into some fruitcake,
when startled, he heard this great noise!

Cacophony rolled o'er the landscape,
and Santa's ears started to buzz;
The sounds was so loud it was deafening,
and he had no clue what it was!

So, Santa got his trusty reindeer,
and rubbing on Rudolph's red nose,
Said, "Let's take out, boys,
to the source of that noise ~
Just follow where ol' Rudolph goes!"

With Rudolph's nose lit-up like headlights,
and Melvin still bellowing strong;
They rescued that moose in a heartbeat,
and everyone burst into song!

Well, Melvin was so full of gratitude,
that big heart within him so stirred;
That he sang the top of his lungs out ~
each Christmas song he'd ever heard!

So, this Yuletide as you swig eggnog,
and pig-out on your Christmas goose,
Remember ~
the best pal of Rudolph:

That sore-throated,
Melvin the Moose!

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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