Safe in Your Presence

(Based on Psalm 62)

          I know I'm unworthy to stand here today
          The baggage came with me and I'm holding on
          I've been accused and falsely condemned
          If it weren't for the Truth, I'm afraid I'd be gone

          As I stand before You, gripping my pain
          You invite me to come to Your side
          I finally consent to lay down my troubles
          While the praise opens fractured soul wide

          I'm not alone in my hope for relief
          My Refuge, my Rock, my Salvation
          Unworthy I come, forgiven I am
          In His fortress I cannot be shaken

          I trust in Him as I pour out my heart
          He judges with mercy and grace
          His wondrous gaze fully reveals
          And I'm humbled as I fall on my face

          Unfailing love is Yours, Oh Lord
          Power divine, belongs to You
          I am safe in Your presence
          And today, I offer my praise to You.

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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