Safe With You

I am still a tiny bud,
a small and unformed flower,
nourished by your guiding love
and growing more each hour.

Every tender word you say,
each kind and gentle touch,
respects my childhood innocence
and honors it as such.

I listen and I watch you
and I learn - just who I am.
You're the lion of my strength
and I'm your little lamb.

If I'm scared, I turn to you,
and when I find you there,
I feel secure and safe from harm
in your protective care.

I have no bigger hero
than the person that you are.
You're my total universe
and I, but one small star.

{ This is a poem I wrote in dedication to the
Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse. }

[ Terri McPherson, ©2000, Windsor, Ontario ( - from 'Aiken Drum' ]


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