Sailing by Grace

I think of life as a voyage,
A great sailing ship at sea,
Sails filled with potential
To move at the Master's decree.

We are sailors by His call
At times the wind in our face
With Jesus as our Captain
We know we're sailing by grace.

Watching the horizon ahead
And navigating by the Word,
Even in the noise of living
The still small voice is heard.

At times the sailing is rough
When the storms blow strong,
And decisions must be made,
Sometimes they are wrong.

Yet He is always right there
Giving guidance from above,
While redirecting our journey
And revealing His great love.

Sometimes sailing is smooth
With seas unusually calm;
Time to reflect on His love
And meditate on a Psalm.

The sailor must be diligent
To check the charts each day,
Reviewing compass settings,
Resisting the desire to stray.

Whether storm tossed and torn
By powerful winds and waves,
Or floating in gentle breezes
We know that Jesus saves.

We seek that port of entry
Never from there to roam,
The refuge He calls Heaven,
That harbor we call home.

You need not sail unaided.
Give Jesus His rightful place,
And through the seas of life
You will be sailing by Grace.

It is glorious to know that in the midst of the storm, when our soul is melted because of trouble, the One who rules the wind and waves stands near. He guides us to the quietness of our desired haven. Sailing by grace allows us to cherish the journey of life.

[ Roger Allen Cook, © 2000 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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