Second Coming of Christ image.

Second Coming of Jesus

          The Son of Man is coming back
          Much sooner then we think
          All things will come together
          He is the missing link.

          One day, the clouds will break apart
          With peals of distant thunder
          The roar of chariots in the sky
          Will pull this world asunder.

          Heíll come in glory from the East
          And spread throughout the land
          Heíll reach across the nations
          And touch the burning sand.

          His flaming sword will split the sky
          His trumpet will be sounding
          Bolts of lightening all around
          Sea waves will be pounding.

          Bands of angels ride the wind
          From one end to another
          Many loved ones tag along
          A sister and a brother.

          The presence of the Holy One
          Will fill the angry sky
          For those who really know the truth
          One need not question why.

          The earth will rattle, shake and sway
          The dead in Christ shall rise
          Then all Godís children right behind
          Will fill the raging skies.

          Our Lord shall rule in heaven then
          With all His strength and power
          The Bible stands the test of time
          In this, the final hour.

~ Marilyn Ferguson ~
March 6, 2009
All Rights Reserved

[ Author: Marilyn Ferguson Copyright © 2009 -- submitted by: Marilyn Ferguson ]


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