Secret of Successful Dieting

Designers say lean
is the look that is in;
that your life is a failure
if your body's not thin.

Doctors say fat
is bad for your health;
but taking it off
may cost all your wealth.

I know a secret
the whole world wants to know;
how to lose weight,
make the rolls of fat go.

If you want to lose weight
there are diets galore
of lettuce soup, grapefruit,
carbohydrates and more.

There are high protein drinks,
and fad foods that endure,
Sweet and Low® , Nutra Sweet® ,
Slimfast® and Ensure®

You can take pills
that suppress appetite,
Ayds® to make you feel full,
satisfied with a bite:

You can exercise and sweat
`til you're blue in the face
and never lose a pound,
it's a fattie's disgrace.

I'll share with you this secret
of diet that I tout:
when you take a bite of food
if it tastes good... spit it out!

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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