Secret Service

          "What wouldst Thou have me do, dear Lord?
          Where wouldst Thou have me go?
          I'm open to suggestions, Lord,
          I thought You'd like to know."

          I took great relish in this prayer,
          With pride I spoke each word;
          And yet no answer came from God,
          As though He hadn't heard.

          Much time went by, "God's slow," mused I,
          "He's shelved me," so I thought ~
          "He doesn't want my talents,
          He has left me here to rot!...

          "No one can know He's blessed me so,
          I've talents yet unknown;
          If He won't choose my gifts to use,
          How can His gifts be shown?"

          More time passed by till one day I
          Spoke humbly to my Lord:
          "Mold me until I'm in Your will,
          I'll gladly be ignored!"

          Unlike the prayer so long ago,
          This one was filled with tears;
          I vowed I'd serve Him silently
          Through my remaining years.

          My own Amen was scarce said when
          I heard God speak to me:
          "You can't seek fame
          and wear My Name...
          My child, which shall it be?"


          "If you will humble yourselves
          under the mighty hand of God,
          in His good time
          He will lift you up."
          (I Peter 5:6 LB)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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