Young boy planting a seedling.


As seeds planted are  (Carefully, plentifully)
In soil well-prepared,  (Fertilized, organized)
Awaiting rain and sun,  (Equally, generously)
Sprouting soon does come,  (Fairly, squarely)

Grow toward maturity.  (By attending, defending)
Banish bugs and weeds,  (Engaging, with raging)
Giving plants all room  (To nourish and flourish)
Accommodates full bloom  (Production function)

So planted in the heart  (Readily, steadily)
Are fine ‘seeds’ set apart  (Caressing, Blessing)
To mature, reproduce.  (Protected, unmolested)
Beware so none get loose.  (Willing, fulfilling.)

~ DelRe ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: DelRe, Copyright © 2011 ( 7delre7 at ) -- {submitted by: DelRe} ]

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