Seek and You Shall Find

For a instant, you were there.
Someone who came into my life,
A tender spirit who sought to care.
I could not trust,
I did not dare.

I thought, if you knew me,
Knew the person that I used to be,
You'd shake your head and turn away.
That your love would unravel and fray.

I wanted to reach out,
For you to hear my silent shout.
I yearned to let you in.
But, I could not,
Because of my past sins.

But, still you tried.
I felt your tears, as you cried.
"Please talk to me." your soft voice did say.
And yet, I would not sway.

Now I fear that you have gone.
I find it hard to go on.
I find I need to care.
I need trust.
I need to dare.

I need your strength to see me through.
To receive the gift of love, from you.
As I kneel and bow my head,
I realize your constant love has kept me fed.

I know you've never left my side.
You've let me travel life's short ride.
Now, the end is here and our hands are finally joined.
You'll take me with you on this last sojourn.
To be with you in eternal peace.
Knowing our lives weren't truly ours,
But, only God's simple lease.

[ Copyright Debra Conklin -- from 'Themestream' ]


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