Seeking Angels

There is a new awareness,
In the modern world we know,
That angels really do exist,
And sometimes they will show,
The power that is theirs to use,
Assisting modern man,
And many times they intercede,
To lend a helping hand.

There is one thing that's overlooked,
And you should be aware,
The angels stand for goodness,
But an evil side is there.
The spirit world as many know,
Is active and alive.
You can't believe in angels,
And ignore the darker side.

Good and evil does exist,
The spirit realm they share.
You cannot seek the one,
Without the other being there.
So if you think you're safely guarded,
In an angels arms,
Remember there are demons there,
With their enticing charms.

So as you seek the spirit world,
Please do not be naive.
You have to deal with both of them,
If you are to believe.
The angels are reality,
And no doubt they are there,
But if you seek the angels,
Then you also must beware.

The demons can be beautiful,
In every evil way,
And they posses the power,
That can lead a soul astray.
Angels come to pure of heart,
For only them to see.
Remember sometimes things are not,
What they appear to be.

So if you're seeking angels,
Just for curiosity,
You may find something spiritual,
But who knows what you'll see?
The angels seek believing hearts,
In everything they do,
And only then will they appear,
To shine their light on you.

[ by James A. Kisner © 1998 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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