Helping hand reaching down to grasp an extended hand.

Seize The Moment

With haste we travel life's highway
How soon the moments seem to flee
Weeks, months and years become a score
Brevity of life -- it's there to see

Amid the clamor to pursue and attain
The roses we may fail to smell
Then opportunity passes by
Leaving but an empty shell

It's true we do have daily task
Demands may seem to overwhelm
But let us not our vision loose
Of priorities in our realm

Seize the moment! Seize the moment!
To share with someone who is dear
Some simple gesture, word or deed
Both are the winners - that is clear

Yesterday gave memories - today opportunities
But tomorrow, God only knows our plight
The things we choose and cherish most
Could from our grasp be lost tonight

So with that someone, take the time
To do that which you know is right
Just seize the moment - don't let it flee
Ere a sunny day -- has taken flight

~ Colan L. Hiatt ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Colan L. Hiatt, Copyright © 2013 ( ) -- submitted by: Colan L. Hiatt ]

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