Senescent Adolescent

I thought I knew you very well
But - now there's just an empty shell
How to retrieve you from obscurity
When you can't face your own maturity

I can't attest to what has wrought
This character devoid of thought
The one whose essence I did share
Now vacant eyes do a blank stare

Where did all the substance go
Where's the laughter, where's the glow
You can't let reaching middle-age
Put you inside a pity cage

How we handle every scar
Is what makes us who we are
There's beauty found along life's way
Don't stop because you age each day

When one gives in to such despair
It shows that faith in God is bare
Age has no way of fasting
With a God of everlasting

Let go of your obsession
It's time to make a confession
Veracity will always win
Over lies and willful sin.

[ Eileen T. Waldron -- from 'Themestream' ]


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