Shared Blessings

There comes a time when the days drag by

And we live way out on a limb

But when we pay attention

Our lives are really not so grim

When I feel alone and forgotten

I get out my Bible and I read

What comfort from these old stories

What peace and love they breed

We all have our dark moments

But God is never far away

Read these old true stories

And rest in His care as you pray

When we reach out to others

We are following God's loving care

What goes around comes back to us

We are always blessed when we share

~ Eva May Young ~

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart to write poetry.  I am a "Golden Ager" shut-in and writing keeps my mind busy with something I've done ever since I was a child, and it's my way of sharing our LORD with who ever comes to visit.  Thanks for reading my poetry - I'd love to hear your comments.  May God richly bless you.  Send emails to:   EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net

[ by: Eva May Young Copyright © 2008 ( EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net ) -- submitted by: Eva Young ]

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