Today I went shopping in our neighborhood grocery store.

    I started with my Thanksgiving grocery list,

    But as I shopped I added more and more.

    Thinking of other delicious foods, I knew I'd end up buying out the store!

    I was in a grand and happy mood  thinking of the coming holiday,

    Excited that once more our family  would be together for another
    Thanksgiving day.

    I soon found myself on the baking goods isle,

    And there stood two boys to whom I gave a big smile!

    As I stood there filling my grocery cart,

    I heard the boys talking and what I heard broke my heart.

    The youngest said "Mama, can we have these"?

    "For our thanksgiving day, these cookies, oh please?"

    I looked into the Mother's face,

    It was full of sadness, and of tears I saw a trace.

    As she looked down into her son's big eyes,

    She said, "Son there will be no cookies, cakes or pies."

    Her boys, as one, said "Mother why?  

    We've tried to be good" and tears filled their eyes.

    I turned away to finish filling my cart,

    but their voices I still heard and it broke my heart.

    The Mother said "Boys, I'm buying some bread,

    we have peanut butter at home to spread.

    I got you boys milk and cereal too,

    And that is all that I can do."

    The boys never uttered another sound,

    Just stood there with their heads hung down.

    I again turned away to finish my chore,

    Of buying foods from all over the store.

    But the weary looking Mother with her boys so sad,

    Would not leave my thoughts, as I pondered what all I had.

    I thought about our Thanksgiving feast,

    And the fact that we'd have more than we could eat.

    Right then and there I turned around,

    And back tracked till this Mother I found.

    I said to her, "I couldn't help but overhear your boys
    when they asked about Thanksgiving this year."

    "God has richly blessed my family and me

    And through me He wants to bless you, you see."

    As I slipped some money in to her hand,

    I told her this was all God's plan.

    The true feeling of Thanksgiving now I knew,

    Was to reach out and help just one person or two.

    For when we help someone who really needs us,

    All the more God's gonna bless us.

    As I walked away I felt such joy,

    That God had allowed me to help this Mother and  boys.

    And I knew that when the big day finally came,
    and my family were all gathered 'round,

    My thoughts would also be with a Mother and children,

    Having a happy Thanksgiving somewhere across town.

[ E. Vandergrift -- from 'Inspired Buffalo' ( ]


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