She's No Cyber-Mama

She hasn't caught the bug yet
She's not clicking, scrolling or surfing
I tell her about all that she's missing
She just smiles - while I get nervy

"I could email you pictures of Katy,
I could send you some stories so grand
I could help you to locate lost loved ones
Why won't you accept my helping hand?"

"But, I've got some pictures of Katy
Such a bright and gifted young girl
And my friends? Why, they send me letters
Besides, I couldn't begin to use a squirrel."

"It's a mouse mother dear, I'm in earnest
There are so many surfing the web
Shouldn't you be on-line - just to keep in touch
With Connie, Melissa, Joannie and Deb?"

"But I've got their phone numbers,
And it's so lovely to chat
And face to face conversations? I've had them
Now that is where it's at."

I see there's no changing the mind of my mom
So I finish my tea at the dining room table
And hug her before I go home to my family
And she hugs back because she's willing and able

And it occurs to me then like never before
That if my mom were to point, click and scroll
This elegant lady might not have time for me
While cyber space continues to roll

Maybe she does know more than I thought
Maybe it might just be all right
To refrain from the screen and the keyboard
And interact with her at twilight

Oh, I think I'm so clever in this modern world
I've got virus protection and more
But I don't know my neighbors and they don't know me
After 12 years living next door

Front porch and sun tea, pot lucks and picnics
Lost on the wise of this age
But Mom quietly champions her cause
As I read from her hand written page

"It's all right to use the computer
I won't fault you one bit
But when you find the time, Son
Could you drop by and sit?

"I would prefer to see you
But if not, won't you call
Or maybe write a letter
I love you, Son, that's all."

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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