She Feels It

      She's looking out the window and she never makes a sound,
      She knows that something's happened as she slowly looks around.
      In her heart there's something wrong she knows it without doubts,
      I see the look that's in her eyes as she just sits and pouts.

      I know that she can feel it now, she has been left alone,
      And I can tell she knows that she can't make it on her own.
      I don't know how to tell her and she will not understand,
      She looks at me as if she knew why this whole thing was planned.

      She looks at all the others gathered and is so confused,
      I think I am the only one who sees she has the blues.
      She does not know the rest of them as I can plainly see,
      She slowly walks to where I'm at; She recognizees me.

      She slowly looks into my eyes and almost makes me cry,
      There is no way she'll understand why people have to die.
      She looks at me so pitiful my heart just breaks in two,
      I can tell she's hurting but what am I going to do.

      They were together for so long they never were apart,
      And now she stands before me knowing deep down in her heart,
      He is gone and for the first time left her all alone,
      And as I reach to touch her she gives out a little moan.

      He was all she ever had and that had been OK,
      Now her future's looking bleak as she stands here today.
      Maybe I will ask if I can take her home with me,
      She cannot be left alone as anyone can see.

      Others say don't bother we will put her in a home,
      But I am the one she knows, I can't leave her alone.
      My heart goes out to her and I will take her home with me,
      I will help her suffering heart and then you all will see.

      People suffer greatly when they lose someone they love,
      And at this wake I know it's people you are thinking of.
      But she will miss him so much more, he's all she's ever had,
      And I know dogs who lose their owners suffer and get sad.

      I know I'll miss her owner and I've shed tears over him,
      That is why I'm here because he was my dearest friend.
      But look into these eyes so sad and feel her many woes.
      He's gone and he's not coming back and I tell you she knows.

      She knows she's lost her dearest friend and knows why we're here.
      And she knows she's been left alone and she is feeling fear.
      I know you think she's just a dog and cannot feel the pain,
      So please just let me take her home so she can start again.

      She looked me in the eyes and barked as if she understood,
      And wagged her tail and licked my hand and made me feel so good.
      So if you think it hurts to lose a pet as we all do,
      We never think about it but our pets have feelings too.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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