She Knew

      My mother always told me all about the pearly gate,
      And told me when it was her time she would not hesitate.
      She loved her life on earth and all that God had given her,
      But when this life was over she was absolutely sure.

      That she would see her Savior and would go to be with Him,
      She wanted so to thank Him for removing all her sin.
      She always talked about the place that He went to prepare,
      And always told us that she knew that she was going there.

      She lived life to the fullest and was happy all the time,
      And even when the problems came she'd smile instead of whine.
      She said "this life was beautiful you do the best you can,
      As long as you have faith in God you know it's in His plan."

      She always would amaze us with the knowledge that she had,
      But told us that religion was the thing that made her sad.
      She said "that man had made up rules, religious things to do,"
      But always told us that the Lord had only given two.

      "Love the Lord with all your heart" she said was number one,
      "Then love your neighbor as yourself those words were from the Son."
      "Just live your life by these two rules each and everyday,
      Then life will be so beautiful because it is His way."

      My mother lived by these two rules and very seldom faltered,
      And never strayed from these two rules and many lives were altered.
      She always told us love was what keeps this world spinning round,
      And she would love the world until they put her in the ground.

      She understood so many things beyond the pearly gates,
      And told us of the beauty of the mansion that awaits.
      She told us of the many friends and family waiting for,
      The day when angels stand with her before the pearly door.

      She made our lives so wonderful until the day she died,
      And when we heard her final words we just broke down and cried.
      We tried to have the faith she had we wanted so to feel,
      But when we heard her final words we knew that God was real.

      She was weak and dying as she lay upon her bed,
      All the children gathered round and our goodbyes were said.
      She knew that she was leaving us and told us not to cry,
      She said that we would meet again in that sweet by and by.

      Her last words were the ones that brought our family to its knees,
      And if you're doubting Heaven you should take a look at these.
      She closed her eyes and smiled, and in my ears her voice still rings,
      And quietly her last words were, "I knew you'd all have wings."

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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