She'll Ask Someday

          She'll ask someday in her sweet voice
          Her blue eyes beseeching me,
          "Oh Mommy where'd you learn to touch
          And love so tenderly?

          And how'd you know to keep me warm
          And cuddle me so close,
          Who taught you how to patty-cake
          And where to tickle toes?

          My tiny owies, bruised little knees,
          So lovingly you've nursed,
          How did you know those times I cried,
          Which tear to kiss off first?

          Who told you nursing would be best
          While holding me all night?
          Who serenaded you to sleep
          Who praised you-wrong or right?

          How did you manage on your own
          When even you weren't sure?
          Performing as Mom and Daddy both
          How did your strength endure?

          Who taught you how to hold my eyes
          And look into my soul?
          Exuding love without a word,
          Oh Mom-You've made me whole!"

          I'll answer "My child how precious you are,
          Indeed we are blessed, how true,
          See, it was MY Mother, and her perfect love,
          Is what I now pass on to you."

[ Karen O'Connor © 2002 -- from Aiken Drum ]


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