Shining Rain

      The sun is shining through the trees but rain is pouring down,
      He sits upon a swing below and slowly looks around.
      The sun hits every raindrop as it sparkles in the air,
      A scene that is breathtaking as he sits and watches there.

      Never in his life has he just sat and paid attention,
      To the drops of water falling as it just was mentioned.
      A hundred times it must have happened just as it has now,
      But never had he noticed it and he just wonders how?

      Why are we too busy with our jobs and so much duty?
      To stop and pay attention to our world and all it's beauty?
      Always seeking worldly pleasure in a man made thing,
      While missing pleasure naturally that this old world can bring.

      He thinks of people in the stores deciding what to wear,
      And all the products and the places just to fix your hair.
      All the perfume and the make up just to beautify,
      Diets, health food, drinks and fads all begging you to try.

      Beauty is a business and commercials always tease,
      But certain words come to his mind "arrayed as one of these."
      That reference he remembers is an old and ageless story,
      Comparing flowers of the field to one king in his glory.

      Solomon, he smiles and nods, the richest king of all,
      David's son who took the reign, when David had his fall.
      So if the richest king on earth could not upstage a flower,
      Why do we miss so much just ignoring nature's power?

      It has been said to take the time to smell the flowers scent,
      But all to often if we do it's only when they're sent.
      Flowers are big business and can be ordered when dialed,
      He smiles because he's almost sure that they grow in the wild.

      It's not that he's against convenience that we have today,
      It's just so sad that modern times have left beside the way,
      The beauty of all nature and the glory that is free,
      The beauty that surrounds us but we very seldom see.

      The beauty of creation and the simple little things,
      The sunshine on the raindrops or the rainbow that it brings.
      The eastern sky at sunrise or the cloudless starlit sky,
      The beauty of the puffy clouds as they go floating by.

      He smiles again and he thinks back to when he was a boy,
      Remembering his grandma's words "God wants you to enjoy,
      The world and all its beauty that He made so perfectly,
      Remember He made that before creating you and me.

      There must have been some truth there because she did not tell lies,
      And anyway he always thought his grandma was so wise.
      So now the rain is stopping and the clouds have moved away,
      And he thinks to himself "This has been one fantastic day."

      From now on he will take the time to stop and look around,
      Taking time to just watch nature and hear nature's sound.
      Taking time to meditate and stop and smell the flowers,
      Learning to enjoy the day and all his waking hours.

      Life was flying by so fast and he caught up in it,
      Now he learned to just relax and just take time to sit.
      Life is really beautiful but one must realize,
      Beauty comes to only those who open up their eyes.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2004 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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