Shorthand Computerese

          BTW is By The Way,
          And Go Ahead is now GA;
          Laughing Out Loud is LOL,
          THTT, Too Hard To Tell.

          In My Humble Opinion, IMHO,
          If you're not humble, IMO;
          God Only Knows is GOK,
          Thanks In Advance is TIA.

          Be Right Back is BRB,
          Till Next Time is TNT;
          As Far As I Know, AFAIK,
          MMD is Make My Day.

          On The Other Hand, OTOH,
          A =^..^= will give you Kitty Face;
          HaHa Only Kidding, HHOK,
          And <>< a Fish, the Christian way.

          Type :-) or :o) which will provide
          A Happy Face (it's on its side)
          Type 8-) or B-) for Glasses, too,
          If you've a Beard, a :-)> will do.

          Type ;-) to add a Wink with Smile,
          Or :-( if Frowns are more your style;
          And now you know the ABC's
          To type Shorthand Computerese!


[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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