Silent Footsteps

I had to write this after sitting at the kitchen table this morning. It was quiet. The hour was early and the world was still sleeping. I looked out the window and felt the need to pray. As I did, my eyes misted with tears and although frightened, I knew that I was not alone. I wrote this small poem/prayer to convey the feelings I had, but know that the words do not do it justice. I don't know if any ever will. It's my hope that when you are in need, you "hear" the silent footsteps of God, coming to your side and comforting you like a child. For that's what we all are, to me. No matter what your age, we are children of God who will never be abandoned by our Father -- no matter what.

I do not hear your footsteps
as you approach me sitting in silence
my eyes glazed, staring out the window
at the early morning newness

I do not hear your footsteps
as a tear runs down my face
overwhelmed with oceans of emotion
as I whisper a prayer to you

I do not hear your footsteps
as I lift my words to you
hoping with my heart and soul
that you will hear my desperate words

I do not hear your footsteps
as I feel a comfort sweep through me
like a warm breeze in the spring
or a blanket wrapped around me in winter

I do not hear your footsteps
as I begin to feel a strength
from deep within it grows
and I know I am not alone

I do not hear your footsteps
but I feel your presence there
now knowing I'm not alone
I can feel your loving rush through me

I do not hear your footsteps
as I end my silent prayer
but, as I stand to face whatever the day will bring
I know that your footsteps will never walk the other way

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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