Beacon in a Storm.

Just A Simple Wish For You

          Let God be our light through the storm,
          Lighting the way so we can see;
          All the wonderful gifts He's made,
          Lovingly sent to you and me.

          Guiding us on through the blizzards,
          Through heavy snow so we can see;
          Without His guidance and His love,
          I can't fathom how life would be.

          Despite our sinful ways and faults,
          That won't allow us to be free;
          Still, God has a place in His heart,
          A place in Heaven for you and me.

          Why He even cares, I don't know,
          But I thank the Lord that He does;
          For we'd be nothing without Him,
          The One who gave His life for us.

          Let's thank God this Christmas season,
          By showing Him how much we care;
          Share His love with our fellow man,
          To you my friends, this is a dare.

          Yes, this is a challenge to you,
          Don't use the term Happy Holidays,
          Wish everyone a Merry Christmas,
          It means much more in so many ways.

          Christ is the reason for the season,
          It's not about the gifts we receive;
          And now that I've had my say this year,
          I guess it's time for me to take leave.

          But not before I say one more thing,
          I have but a simple gift for you;
          I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS,
          And may GOD BLESS you in all you do.

~ Paul D. Berube ~
December 4, 2008
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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