Daisies, blue sky, puffy clouds.

Singing in the Daisies

Morning sounds all around.
The rooster cries, good morn.
The dew a twinkling, on the grass.
A new day, now is born.

Happy birds start singing;
Their lovely songs of love.
To our Heavenly Father,
Watching from above.

A prancing deer, seems in a rush;
He runs through nearby trees.
A busy little squirrel "chucks",
And rustles, through green leaves.

I'm walking through my garden;
At peace, I'm so content.
The breath, of it's refreshment;
I know is heaven sent.

The sun is shining brightly;
It's resting on my face.
It feels as though, I'm warmly hugged;
In loving arms, embrace.

Walking amongst God's flowers;
Each a special, painted art.
I'm singing in the daisies;
The song, "How Great Thou Art".

I lay, so happy, like a child;
Upon a patch of grass.
Watching fluffy clouds go by;
Winds blow, and gently pass.

I love the coolness of the grass.
It feels good on my toes.
I pick a pretty flower;
And hold it to my nose.

Creation is a work of love;
A very special gift.
A little heaven, here on earth;
To comfort, speak, and lift.

It makes a heart, start praising;
And praying lips, to sing,
While observing such perfect art;
Created by our God and King.

So take time, to smell the roses.
Run cool grass, between your toes.
Take the time, to praise the Lord.
Forget your world, of earthly woes.

Sing amongst the daisies,
Sweet melodies, of praise.
Our Lord, has richly blessed us;
In so many, many, different ways.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2009 ( pastorkjv1611@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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