Soaring High

Soaring through the sky so free
Flying high, just being me

How glorious is this world we reap
All of its beauty for us to keep

The sights and sounds, the air so clean
All put here lovingly, grass so green

Joyously gaining such strength inside
Our hearts and souls, succulently reside

I thank our Lord for all of his sharing
For all of His love and all of His caring

His rules are few, He'll be our guide
So willingly, graciously we abide

Enjoy the splendors of the earth
Explore its ever-growing girth

Encompass it with all your heart
And lovingly, joyfully play your part

Take care that it stays clean and free
of so many pollutants for your family

Those tiny little babes in arm
Will soon be discovering all of its charm

They'll thank God for the grass and sky
And will themselves be soaring high

[ Susan Anderson © 2001 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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