Ice cream being scooped from the box.

Soft Scoop

          Iím wrestling with the ice cream
          Inside this soft scoop box
          My spoon is bent, my patience spent
          Iím trying to outfox
          The barrier before me
          To get my just dessert
          Iíll hack at that unyielding mass
          No matter what the hurt.

          But hey, where is my patience
          Why donít I let it melt
          Surely it will taste the same
          If time and me both dwelt
          Perhaps this is my problem
          Too hasty in my ways
          A Martha living in my skin
          To be a Mary pays.

          So if I wait upon The Lord
          Instead of rushing it
          And let us melt together
          In a fusion, we will knit
          A tasty time of bonding
          And one that satisfies
          Oh Lord, please give me patience
          To delight in Your surprise.

~ Mike Bullock ~
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mike Bullock Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Mike Bullock ]

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