Some Day Soon

Some day soon my Lord will come.
His promise He will keep.
Whether we are ready or not.
Or even if we're sound asleep!

We know not the day not hour.
Whether morning, night or noon.
But we can count on this one thing.
He WILL come some day soon!

Our trials here on earth will cease.
Our pain shall be no more.
When He comes to take us home.
To that far eternal shore.

We'll have forever to thank Him.
For taking our sins to the cross.
He bore them there in our stead.
So we would not suffer loss!

On earth He lives in our heart.
In Heaven we'll see His face.
We'll be able to tell Him, "Thank You,
For Your wonderful saving grace!"

The time is near it's at the door.
It could even be today at noon.
The thing is, you better get ready,
Jesus is coming some day soon!

- Dot Wilson -

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2004, ( -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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