Thursday to Thursday it comes so fast
The days fly by me into the past
The future which seemed so far away
Will be happening in just one more day

The things I've put off from year to year
Are there before me as I'm sitting here
The month I've waited my whole life to see
Just this past month, it flew by me

I said one day that day has come
It equals my whole life sun to sun
I waited til one day to do this or that
Now that day and this one are in my past

I put off salvation, until I could see
The road to destruction in front of me
Now right now my choice is so near
The ambulance has come, I've nothing to fear

I heard them say, as they rolled me past
Hurry, rush it she's going fast
Okay I must now quickly decide
The path I'll take, the place I'll abide

Okay, now quickly, I can't think
I never thought this low I'd sink
So quickly now, I feel the flame
I'm thinking now of Jesus' name

I feel the flame, but I still have breath
So what's the word, now what's the test
I can't remember, my mind won't think
Oh how quickly my life does sink

Okay, okay the time has come
For now is someday, my life is done
My life I see quickly speeding past
The things I've done from first to last

Suddenly with frightening awe
My tongue is loosed the Lord, I saw
Jesus, Jesus that's His name
Jesus save me I'm not to blame

Oh yes I am, forgive me now
Oh King of Kings, please show me how
I want you as my Lord and King
Save me Lord, from everything

A beautiful light appears to me
As I looked I saw my eternity
The gate of hell, moving away
The devil leading some other astray

Oh Jesus, Jesus, My Lord at LAST
Oh Savior and King, I am fading fast
The things I have missed along the way
While I was waiting on someday

Suddenly the pain comes searing back
I feel I'm on a torture rack
The breathe comes quickly filling me
Oh, I'm so glad my Lord saved me

My mission now, my second chance
Is to tell the world of hell's advance
How he's holding them back, from day to day
As they wait and think of that day ~ someday.

Written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit

[ by: Karen Almond Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by: Karen Almond ]


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