Song In Your Smile

          You serenade God
          So natural and well
          It's oft very easy to tell
          That right from the start
          How easily He finds communion
          With you in your heart
          And there He's made it a home.

          As the song of your smile unfolds,
          A beacon of strength it beholds
          And a shining light
          For there it leads
          Many to Him.

          And whether you'll believe me or not,
          Your smile becomes a lighthouse of hope
          For those who are tossed
          It gently beckons the weak
          And searches through the lost,
          Calling for them to come home.

          So sing on sweetly,
          As you smile on brightly,
          Because when all is said and done,
          Hidden within the song of your smile,
          You love everybody and worship One!

~ Bob Hannum ~

[ by: Bob Hannum, Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Bob Hannum ]


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