Song of Spring

Song birds in the morning,
Butterflies at noon.

Sleeping earth is waking
Dawns of light come soon.

Tiny flowers peeking
Drinking drops of rain.

Limb tips bursting
Buds of every hue.

Pregnant earth is waiting
As I wait for you.

Waters of the flood-tide
Flow from snowy heights.

Rivers fill their courses
Bringing fields to life.

Sleeping seeds are waking
Underneath the ground.

Rumblings of the harvest
Make an awesome sound.

Music of the season
Chorus of new life

Sing of expectation
A song of new creation.

Heaven's life on earth.
Can you hear the springtime?

Violets are the violins
Daisies beat a drum.

Hear the music stirring
Songs among the spheres.

Deep within the spirit
Rises hope and joy.

Hope finds in the springtime
Reason for its prayer.

Joy hears sounds of laughter
In every budding flower.

Sweetness of the spring-time
Singing in my heart

Makes its music enter
Every waking part.

Living with the music,
Finding life in God,

Seeing His renewal
In earth, and tide, and sod,

Earth itself is rising
To meet the risen Lord.

[ by Maryella Vause -- from 'Themestream' ]


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