Sorrow's Formation

          The Source of sorrow bears a treacherous form
          Morose with such a solemn look
          Deep disdain for those who keep
          Misery for what past blows they took

          And so despise the countless hours where lay
          Some soulful feat to come what may;
          And trespass through the broken gates
          Where sorrow dwells and lies and waits.

          Awaken all! Redemption's near.
          Bring along hope that won't borrow fear.
          Hypnotic realms we trespass on
          Seek to tatter our dreams before the dawn.

          Sweet embrace of tender light,
          I look up to see your face;
          To brighten up with warm delight
          And leave the gloom without a trace.

~ Malea Renee Miller ~
Copyright 2006

[ by: Malea Renee Miller Copyright © 2006 ( -- submitted by Malea Renee Miller ]


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