Sparrow In The Rain

I remember coming home from work so tired in need of rest
The weather was cold and dreary and was making me depressed

I watched the rain as it fell hard when something caught my eye
A tiny sparrow that was on my pane just trying to stay dry

I watched it fluff it's feathered wings to knock off any dew
And it made me wonder about it's life and all it may go through

Small moments like this may occur, but so rarely do I reflect
So caught up in everyday things that in time leaves me a wreck

From bed I watched in wonderment as it's eyes appeared half closed
Then it made me stop and wonder why it was my pane it chose

No reason probably, but they say, things happen for a reason
But I say it came to bring to light all things in life more pleasing

And at that moment thoughts began of things that I have missed
Of simple things I'd come to know that once gave me such bliss

Like watching ripples one-by-one as they washed upon the shore
Or good friends that long ago had knocked upon my door

Maybe just watching little kids as they play upon the swings
So much I found that rainy day, how I missed so many things

It's so easy to be overwhelmed with work, struggles, and strife
And forget the very simple fact, there's so much more to life

Within a short time the rain had stopped and the sparrow flew away
But I'll not forget the simple thing it taught me on that day

Of taking time to enjoy the things that God is always giving
As there's great beauty in so much, even in the smallest of the living

And it was that day I told myself, there's no need to complain
Gave my thanks, and bid farewell to the young sparrow in the rain

[ by Thomas Quintana, Copyright © 2001 -- from 'TPS' ]


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