Speak Gently

          Speak gently. It is better by far
          to rule by love than fear.
          Speak gently. Let no harsh word mar
          the good you may do here.

          Speak gently to the young, for they
          will have enough to bear;
          pass through this life as best they may,
          'tis full of anxious care.

          Speak gently to the aged one
          Grieve not the care-worn heart,
          whose sand of life are nearly run,
          let such in peace depart.

          Speak gently, kindly to the poor,
          let no harsh tone be heard.
          They have enough they must endure
          without an unkind word.

          Speak gently... 'tis a little thing
          dropped in the heart's deep well;
          The good, the joy that it may bring
          eternity shall tell.

[ Author Unknown -- from 'E-mail Ministry' (EMailMinistry@yahoogroups.com) ]


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