Spending Springtime In Heaven

My favorite season is the springtime, I look forward to it all year.
It makes me feel just so alive, and that my Creator is so near!
Both my parents are now gone, and they left in their favorite season.
Since both favored spring, I wonder, could their preferences be the reason?

Dad left toward the last of April, spring just at the door.
I wondered at the time, wonder what he missed spring for?
Mom went home in March, just a few short years ago.
March winds were almost stilled, and the flowers were going to grow.

I wonder just what Heaven is like, the Bible doesn't show.
It tells us the streets are gold, but I think that flowers grow!
The Bible says that Heaven is lighted, only by God's own glory.
As wonderful as that sounds, I believe there's more to the story!

In the Spring new life begins, and in Heaven it does too.
Think of living there forever! I know I will, how about you?
Eternal spring with added perks! No more pain and no more fears.
Just Spring with our precious Lord, and He will wipe away our tears!

An eternity lies before us, living with Jesus forever more!
It will be Spring forever, when we live on that heavenly shore!
It makes me want to shout His praises for the plans He has for me!
In the spingtime that is Heaven, to live for all eternity!

- Dot Wilson -

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2004, (dorothywilson007@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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