Spirit In The Wind

God's Spirit is like the wind,
Where it begins no one knows.
It's here and there and everywhere,
Yet we can't see just where it goes.

The wind through the trees gently blows,
Making the leaves clap their hands in praise!
And the Holy Spirit gently touches those,
Who remember Him throughout their days.

The wind blows on the highest peak,
And sometimes even in the valley low.
But when we feel really down and seek,
God finds us, and in the valley we grow.

When in the valley He hears our prayers,
And He comforts us with such great love!
Then He tells us how much He cares,
And of the glory that awaits us above.

When I'm down and can no longer soar,
Hear me, Lord, and please will You send,
Like so very many other times before,
Your Holy Spirit to me in the wind?

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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