Beautiful flowering trees.


What can you say about spring
That hasn't been said before?
The grass turns green, the fruit trees bloom
With a promise of much, much more.

Birds search every budding tree
For a place to nestle their brood,
A spot safe and warm for their young
And above all, real close to food.

The spiders spin delicate webs,
Little frogs croak the whole night long,
The mocking bird by pale moonlight
Will keep you awake with his song.

It's a season that's noisy and bright,
An awakening of both life and hope,
That lifts up the saddened heart
And helps your ability to cope.

With all winter's darkest problems,
That have gnawed so long at your soul,
You suddenly have faith in the future,
Your heart and your spirit are whole.

~ Mary Eileen Butera ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mary Eileen Butera, Copyright © 2011 -- {used with permission} ]


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