Spring In Your Step

There is a joyful spring in one's step,
like a bluebird hopping on the ground.
It's a spring that christian's cannot help,
when by Jesus they have been found.

This springing step one cannot hide,
as a christian trudges along the way.
It swirls about them like the tide,
whether rain, hail, or come what may.

No heart is so cold one cannot receive,
this spirit to guide their steps on earth.
It's a gift received when you believe,
that by Jesus you receive a new birth.

Now let the spirit quicken your step,
and overflow your heart with mirth.
Then your steps will spring with pep,
as you begin a new life here on earth.

[ by: John H. Arney, © 2003 (johnarney@starnetok.net) -- submitted by John Arney ]


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