Stability in the Storms of Life

His Vessel

The ship of life is sailing.
The sea of life is broad.
Who's the builder of this vessel?
He is our Creator - God.

He launched us with His blessing,
And He will safety give,
As we sail His well-marked channels
And for His purpose live.

The sails are full and billowed;
The vessel moves with ease.
The sea appears free from danger;
There blows a gentle breeze.

But then a storm arises.
It seems to overwhelm.
As we glance up - there is Jesus.
He's standing at the helm.

The raging storm grows quiet.
Well-being now returns.
The elements, were mastered,
Jesus sleeps now in the stern.

Our ship may meet with turmoil;
It may be tempest-tossed.
But with Jesus in our vessel,
There's no way we can be lost.

One day He'll be our Pilot;
And into harbor sail,
Secured by His strong anchor,
Our mooring will not fail.

There we'll see all the vessels
Which have come here before.
They will hoist their sails in welcome.
We've arrived at heaven's shore.

[ by Neil G. Thompson, copyright 3/1/94 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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