Hand of God pointing down towards a young man.

Stand Up

We've been asleep for way to long,
Allowing satan to creep into our homes.
It's time to stand up and let satan know,
We're taking back all he has stole so long ago.

Get up and take a stand,
Don't allow satan to devour our land.
He is running to and fro,
Destroying our children everywhere he goes.

Jesus didn't leave us helpless and defeated,
Yet we act as though we've been mistreated.
Keep your eyes focused on the light,
Be a soldier stand up for what is right.

Put on the whole armour of God,
And be sure to keep your feet shod.
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might,
Stand up for Jesus, Stand up and fight.

~ Patty Faye Locklear ~
Copyright © 2010
All Right Reserved
[ by: Patty F. Locklear, Copyright © 2010, ( patty.locklear@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Patty Locklear ]

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