Golf Basics.

Staying On Course

      In life and golf, play in the fairway and avoid the rough
      Give praise to our Savior, whether in good times or tough
      Approach each new day like it's the next shot to take
      When God fills your heart; what a difference you'll make

      Golf balls and clubs are needed for this old game
      God offers loving forgiveness for our sins and shame
      Just imagine putting for par on a sloped green
      Prayerfully seek His protection from dangers unseen

      Learn to accept bogeys when you expected birdies or pars
      Jesus paid with His blood and broken body of scars
      Unlike golf God is not concerned with our score
      If sin is humbly confessed; it is remembered no more

      Here are some closing tips and thoughts from me
      Replace your divots, rake the sand and remove your tee
      Keep your head down in His word and believe it's all true
      Watch your walk with God and remember others are watching you

~ William Bohannon ~

[ by: William Bohannon, Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: William Bohannon ]

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