Studies in Wisdom

        Wisdom is the voice of the Lord whispering
        In our ear,
        Telling us the truths about ourselves that
        We'd rather never hear.

        Wisdom is the eye that sees the shadow
        Of death behind
        Our multitude of grandiose schemes and
        Plans made by the blind.

        Wisdom is the hesitation we sometimes feel right
        Before we talk,
        And the instinct that tells us it's often better
        Simply to get up and walk.

        Wisdom is the light within that illuminates
        Our road ahead,
        And shows us the twists and turns of fate,
        And signs that we misread.

        Wisdom is the common sense that crisis can
        Bring on into play,
        Convincing us in no uncertain terms to live
        Only for this day.

[ by: Joseph L. Campanello, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from: Joseph L. Campanello ]


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