Sugarplum Dreams

        'Twas the night after Sugarplum came to live with us--
        We hoped with our hearts that she'd cause us no fuss.
        So lively a puppy, we never expected;
        If she was too wild, she'd soon be ejected.

        Visions of Sugarplum danced in our heads
        as we both snuggled down to sleep in our beds.
        But what to our wondering ears should resound
        but the yipping and yapping of one little hound.

        Outside at 4:30, the night was still darkened,
        but Daddy, unnerved, had got up from her barking,
        and lo, in the grass that was cold now with dew,
        she squatted and whiffled and let out some poo.

        Then back in her dog-bed, she settled once more
        as Daddy closed firmly the bedroom door.
        Awakened at seven, we rose to her clatter
        wondering what on earth now was the matter.

        It seemed that she only desired to play
        and barking was merely her start for the day.
        Imagine the words that were said by poor Dad
        when he found she had pooed in her bed! -- bad! bad! bad!

        So do not forget before you go to sleep,
        If you want Mommy her puppy to keep,
        You'd better be praying for her night and day,
        lest Daddy give Sugar and Mommy away!

~ Connie Faust ~

[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]


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