Young girl blowing on a flower, in a field of flowers.

Summer Day Beauty

A meadow of the emerald green clover
Awoved with the sunrays of pure gold
Besides it's frillfully silhouted on over
There is happiness to have and to hold
Summer day beauty touched and shadowed
Like a misty lace upon a meadow green
The nearby sun-flecked crystals shined
Silvery minnows stirred waters asheen
Reflecting only an emerald tree branch
A small bird paused in a tenuous hold
In the air while seeing a rock avalanche
It landed on a leafy tree branch of gold
As the warm days are bright and fairer
Plus softly purling sounds of laughter
Eagles flying around the water stream
Daisies freshly planted in the ground
Like colorful rainbow dreams astound
Like a summer day song upon the air
That elohim willfully returns to instill
A sudden dream a hearts heeding care
To go roaming and then resting until
The love of a green unswept meadow
All knowing and to tenderly enfold
To someone looking at shady shadows
That do trace lovely patterns to a mold.

~ Meshelle Brown ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ Poet: Meshelle Brown, Copyright © 2012 ( ) - submitted by: Meshelle Brown ]

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