Summer Rain

      I sit and watch the falling rain come splashing to the ground,
      I sit and watch in silence and there is no one around.
      The summer breeze is blowing and the moisture hits my neck,
      And in the midst of summer mist I feel it's calm effect.

      I love to watch the summer rain and hear the thunder crack,
      And when the lighting fills the sky sends shivers down my back.
      The clean fresh smell that always comes when raindrops fill the air,
      Remind me of the many times I've watched it rain somewhere.

      I've always loved to watch the rain since I was very young,
      There was a time I tried to catch the raindrops on my tongue.
      And as I think back through the years of how I loved it so,
      My thoughts go wandering back again to years so long ago.

      A time when life seemed so much slower each and every hour,
      A time when people took the time to just enjoy a shower.
      Sitting on the front porch in an old and worn out swing,
      And as you pushed it back and forth the chain would creak and sing.

      Simple things and simple life and simple country charm,
      That's how I remember that old Carolina farm.
      It may sound strange to some of you the way that it had been,
      But nothing sounds more beautiful than raindrops hitting tin.

      Sitting on the front porch with the raindrops coming down,
      Hitting that old tin roof is a mesmerizing sound.
      And if it lasted through the night when time to go to bed,
      You almost drifted off to sleep before "good nights" were said.

      I still remember sleeping in the bedroom way in back,
      That had been added on with lumber from a torn down shack
      That tin roof had been taken from a worn out tractor shed,
      That roof was so much lower just a few feet from your head.

      So when I lay in bed at night and rain was pouring down,
      Nothing I have ever heard could match that awesome sound.
      Except for maybe one more thing that had a tin roof too,
      And if you stood inside when raining echoes would scare you.

      It was the tallest building on that old farm way back then,
      As I recall I think the whole darn thing was made of tin.
      In the summer it was empty when you went inside,
      You couldn't hit the ceiling and I know because I tried.

      You could stand inside and you could see clear to the top,
      And like I said I tried to hit the ceiling with a rock.
      But if you stood inside it when the rain was pouring down,
      The rain on that tobacco barn was such a scary sound.

      So as I sit and reminisce and watch the rain again,
      It seems like peaceful times will always take you back again.
      Back to when you thought that life was simple and at ease,
      Back to when life seemed as calming as the summer breeze.

      A time when simple rainstorms made you stop and just relax,
      Not an interference with anxiety attacks.
      A simple time when you just lived your life as day by day,
      And handled every new event as it would come your way.

      So in this time of modern madness running to and fro,
      Needing medication just to keep you on the go.
      Next time there's a rainstorm don't keep going and complain,
      Stop and reminisce and just enjoy the Summer Rain.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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