Sunny Today

He walks along the narrow path that leads down to the lake,
To find his old secluded place where he can meditate.
When he is feeling lonely or when he is feeling down,
He knows that it is quiet there and no one is around.

So many times heís made this trip when he gets in this mood,
It is the only place he knows to find some solitude.
It matters not what time of day or what time of the year,
Never has he ever seen another person here.

Maybe itís too hidden or the path may be too slim,
He sometimes thinks the only one who knows of it is him.
People are around the lake: He sees them from this place,
But maybe no one knows about his special little space.

There was a time when someone else would share these special times,
Sitting on the bank with him while shaded by the pines.
This had been their special place, a special hide away,
Where they would bring a picnic lunch and just enjoy the day.

They would sit for hours and enjoy the summer breeze,
And they would come in autumn to enjoy the changing leaves.
Just some quiet time alone to talk and laugh for hours,
This is how they took the time, to stop and smell the flowers.

Now he sits here all alone and thinks about the past,
Realizing life goes on and things in life donít last.
All is temporary as we live from day to day,
What we held so dear in life may soon just fade away.

He thinks about the headlines that are spread across the news,
He thinks of all the things we have and all that we could lose.
He thinks of all the tension in the lives of those today,
But then he thinks, itís nothing new itís always been that way.

Every generation always had a cross to bear,
Even in this countyís past a threat was always there.
But some how this seems different in a world of vast turmoil,
Maybe itís because the threat is here on our own soil.

Maybe war can be averted maybe peace will come,
Maybe thereís an answer satisfying everyone.
If only people took the time to find a quiet place,
And look into each others eyes and just speak face to face.

Why canít people learn to live in peaceful harmony?
But he thinks about the past and that will never be.
Always thereís a conflict that will lead into a fight,
And always in a conflict both sides think that they are right.

The only problem with a battle once it does begin,
Everybody loses even though one side may win.
Even though there is a victory one of them may claim,
Both sides suffer in the end and both sides suffer pain.

He throws a pebble in the lake and ripples circle out,
He is confused by many things but knows without a doubt,
Life is never constant it brings happiness and sorrow,
Maybe that is why it says ďtake no thought of tomorrowĒ

He thinks of all his yesterdays with those he chose to love,
Some have left and gone away while some have gone above.
Some have left sweet memories that will linger on for years,
While others left the memories that will always bring on tears.

He turns to leave his special place: His meditating done,
Down his special little path before the setting sun.
The sun shines brightly through the trees while shadows rearrange,
He realizes like the shadows, life will always change.

Nothing we can ever do can change things in the past,
And the plans we have tomorrow surely will not last.
Life is always changing and itís always been that way,
But he looks up and feels the warmth;
The sun shines bright TODAY.

-- James A. Kisner

[ by James A. Kisner © 2005 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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