Baby girl sleeping.

Sweet Dreams

Come, my child, let's bow our heads.
We'll say our prayers then it's off to bed.
The glow of the moon has softened the night
And filled the windows with pale, ivory light.

Close your eyes and listen for the music in your room
As the wind in the lilacs will hum you a tune.
Then sweet dreams will find you til night becomes day
As angels keep watch in their heavenly array.

Rest well, dear child, and know you are loved
Not only by me, but the Lord up above.
Cling to that always as you learn and grow
And let the Lord lead you wherever you go.

I am so grateful He sent you to me.
I pray every day you'll grow up to be
All He envisioned, the best of His plan;
Carefully guided to be good man.

Far in the future, when you are all grown,
Perhaps you'll look back on these seeds that were sown.
Only then will you realize
How special you are in your mother's eyes.

~ Linda Gleason ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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